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Who Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex?

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Queen bed
Queen bed
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Re: Who Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex?

Post by bandaddie »

She was virgin. I was not.
I got caught up in the free sex religion of the late 1960's and early 1970's. It was a huge disappointment and I gave up on relationships, seeking a life of celibacy.
This changed when we met.
She was the first girl i ever met who told me she was waiting for her wedding night and stood steadfast by her words.
She was Born Again. I was not.
I saw in her a clear, strong, wholesome character which I wanted in my life. Her inner light was the impetus which caused me to seek Jesus, a few years later.
I realized, very early into our courtship, if I did anything to attempt to seduce her, it would hurt her in a deep, permanent and emotionally crippling manner. I could do nothing to hurt this fragile beauty.
Many years later, when we both were ill, and involved in marriage counseling, the counselor asked us, "When did you loose your virginity?"
My wife looked a bit displeased but answered, "I did not LOOSE my virginity. I gave it to my husband on our wedding night. It will always be his to protect."
I will cherish, to my death, those words and her virginity. I hope, one day, I will be worthy of her.
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Re: Who Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex?

Post by Farmer »

We both waited until we were married to have sex. We dated almost 4 years, we were in out later 20’s, thought I was going to die waiting! But I made it and never regretted waiting.

Both were Christian’s and both attended church regularly.
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Re: Who Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex?

Post by ReverendJack »

We both waited. And we were in church and reading our Bibles.
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