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Question for husbands, but wives are welcome to answer too.

How do pregnancy and the first year after birth impact a couples sexuality?
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Re: Question for husbands, but wives are welcome to answer too.

Post by MQ »

OP here.
Just reading through all the responses - wow! Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts so eloquently and honestly. I sincerely appreciate you all being so generous in giving your wisdom and experience regarding this topic.
I am encouraged to read that it's more about the wife continuing to show love to her husband, and make connection a priority. This is what I have aimed for, by making him my first priority, showing him how much I treasure him (and telling him verbally too), and being available sexually as much as is physically possible (frequent OS, MS, showering together, etc, during times when I'm not physically able to engage in PIV).
My original question was something that I have thought about for a long time, and the recent comment by Hubz that I referred to was simply a prompt that made me think about this issue again. I was not implying that all husbands behave that way. It was just an example of a husband experiencing difficulty with the pregnancy/postpartum period - and simply led me to, once again, consider why this is so. More importantly, it led me to ask what can (and should) wives be doing during this particular time to maintain a healthy marriage relationship. What I have read has been a great encouragement, and I want to again say thank you to everyone for what you have shared.
[Just one last note in response to some of the comments - I haven't experienced the situation I described. It's just something I've read about and heard about, and subsequently thought a lot about.]
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