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Dripping Semen

How do pregnancy and the first year after birth impact a couples sexuality?
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Queen bed
Queen bed
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Re: Dripping Semen

Post by Tantalum »

Apparently there has been quite a bit of research into this and they found that it makes no difference whether or not the woman tries to keep the sperm inside for longer or allows it to flow out.

I have a feeling though that the woman's orgasm might help because during orgasm the woman's cervix tends to reach down and "dunk" into the pool of semen nearby. Many years ago I saw a science program showing this in action(!)

Other than that, I often wondered whether the rear entry position would be the most beneficial for pregnancy as the cervix is in a low position. But apparently it makes no difference. Personally all I can report is that both of our children were conceived in the missionary position...
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Re: Dripping Semen

Post by Janwill »

The volume being ejaculated varies a lot with frequency of intercourse. When my wife was concerned about the amount of overflow my suggestion was for us to simply make love more often.
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