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New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Any sexual problems or difficulties not listed in a specific section.
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Mike smith
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by Mike smith »

IF a flippant answer is acceptable, yeast and fungal infections thrive in warm moist environments. panties promote that. An excuse to go commando?
California King
California King
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by David »

lubricant could be partly to blame here.
Basically, UTI's happen because E. coli (usually) gets into the urethra.
This could come from your anus (e. coli is usually present in your gut. that's why people advise wiping front to back), or it could be on your husband's genitals or fingers.
Normally, there is lactobacillus on your skin, which helps to keep things in balance. If you use lubricant (especially if it's spermicidal), then this can kill off the lactobacillus and allow the E. coli to take over.
Using a different lubricant might help with this.

Also, make sure you're drinking enough and peeing regularly. This is thought to help flush the urethra.
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California King
California King
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by DoveGrey »

Dear NewWife -

Congratulations on your marriage!

I am not a medical professional, but I have walked this walk. I'm finishing a tough bout of it, actually. There are many moving parts here, both figuratively and literally. But once you get things figured out, you won't have to deal with this discomfort.

1. It is common for a woman to get bacterial vaginosis when sleeping with a new partner. (Another win for monogamy and marriage, kids!) Your husband's unique genital Ph level can disrupt the balance of your own vaginal Ph levels. The good news is, your body will adapt to his after practice, and you won't have that risk.

2. Good hygiene before and after sex is a must. Handwashing, of course. Wiping from front to back. And always urinate right after sex. It's not romantic, and you may only have a trickle, but it's worth it. Sometimes air can get trapped in the urethra during sex, keeping bacteria with it. Urination right after he pulls out - and before you cuddle - will get rid of that air and bacteria before it has a chance to cause a UTI. That's what changed my frequent UTIs, and it's so simple.

3. Cranberry juice can cause problems of its own because of the sugar content. Also, the amount of actual cranberry in the juice often isn't enough. Drop the juice, find a cranberry supplement, and take it regularly. My good friend who has a Ph.D. in Public Health / Nutrition recommends a supplement that also has D-Mannose. However, if that's hard to find then a plain cranberry supplement is almost as good.

4. Keep eating yogurt. It does help stave off yeast infections. Also, consider adding a women's probiotic to your routine. It helps keep the yeast levels at bay.

5. I would imagine that your vulva and vagina are pretty raw from this new friction. Raw skin is more open to infection. That, too, will improve with practice.

6. Keep everything dry. Wipe carefully after using the restroom. Wear only cotton underwear because it's more breathable. Sleep without underwear. If you can get away with no underwear during the day, do it - but only if you're not wearing jeans or something else that will chafe as you walk. And if your labia rub together as you walk, underwear might be your best bet to prevent chafing.

7. Showers only, no baths. And dry your vulva thoroughly.

Blessings on your new marriage. I'm not going to lie, these early days are tough. But you'll get it figured out and will be back to working order soon.
Wife of 22 years
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by NewWife11 »

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice! I took the advice to take an at-home test, and my PH was off. I also developed severe UTI symptoms, so my doctor was able to prescribe an antibiotic to protect me from getting a kidney infection until I see her next week. Praying I can get some specific answers.

Even though there were different causes for each of you, it’s good to know I’m not alone and to hear that all of you eventually found solutions. I’m praying the Lord provides for us, too. In the meantime, God is reminding me to look to Him, and He is blessing our marriage in so many other ways.
California King
California King
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by Ron »

My wife gets UTI's really bad if we have intercourse too long, we do lots of foreplay and actual intercourse maybe 2 or 3 minutes and no hard pounding.
Queen bed
Queen bed
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Re: New Marriage/Frequent Infections

Post by MrEden »


Congratulations on your recent marriage.

Unfortunately "honeymoon cystitis" is common for new brides. Folks here have pretty well covered the gamut of advice. Peeing after sex is what worked best for us. Drink plenty of water beforehand. It will help your production of natural lubrication, which will lessen the changes of getting an infection. And you will have a good pee afterwards. You might have to stop to pee in the middle of sex, but that's OK. Sex SHOULD take that long 🤣.

Also use plenty of artificial lube. We used Astroglide. It just doesn't last long enough so that's why it's great if your natural lube kicks in. It will improve as you age! You can always stop to apply more lube.

If you are using any sort of spermicide for birth control, that may be an issue. We had to eventually stop using our diaphragm because Wife became sensitive to the Nonoxyl-9 in it. Now days they have Nonoxyl-9 free "spermicide." It technically isn't a spermicide, but a gel that immobilizes sperm. Contragel has been readily available in Europe for some time, and can be mail-ordered in the US. Recently, something similar has been approved in the US. Phexxi or something like that. It is 93% effective if used by itself, so with a diaphragm it would be practically bulletproof.
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