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We have sections you must join to use. You can see the full list here. Most you can join with a click. The medical and pastoral groups require approval.
Note, some groups were not accepting new members properly. That is fixed.


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This post is intended as a place to learn the basics so you can start enjoying the forum. It will be updated based on feed back. Feel free to ask questions here.

Most of what you want to know can be found in the FAQ. There is a link to that at the top of every page bottom left on the coloured stripe. Below are the most common things.

Posting and sending PMs: New users first posts are moderated, and initially, they can not send PMs - but can reply to them.

User Control Panel (UCP): You will see your user name near the clock, upper right. Click the down arrow to open the drop-down and click on User Control Panel. From here you can fill out your profile, upload an avatar, set friends and foes, and more. You can also access PMs from here, and change your time zone.

Styles: If you don't like the look of the boards, you can pick a different style from your UPC. More on that here.

UserGroups: Some sections can only be seen if you belong to a special group. Some of these you can choose to join, others require permission. You will see both kinds listed in your UPC. The closed groups are for medical doctors, pastors, mental health professionals, and pastor's wives.

Email notifications: You can receive email and/or online notifications of new posts, being quoted, and more. Go to UCP>BOARD PREFERANCE>Edit notification options.

Notes: At the bottom of the quick links menu (upper left) is "Notes". This opens a page where you can keep notes. This is saved when you log out, and only you can see it.

Mobile Users: Some of the buttons usually shown in the top stripe are collapsed into the quick links menu. Information on the person who made a post will show above the post rather than to the right.

Report a post: If you feel a post is inappropriate or has some other problem, click the exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the post. This will send a note to the moderators and admins. A few words about why the post is a problem will help. (Spam, too titillating, and so one) You can choose to be notified when the report has been read. We do not normally contact you about a report.

Stylising your post: The system used BBCode to change how your post looks. You have buttons for this above the posting window. If you hover over a button, popup text shows you how to use it. BBCode injects code into what you are writing. When you submit or preview the code is replaced with the desired effect.

So you write this:

Code: Select all

[highlight=yellow][b]This[/b] will[/highlight] [u]annoy[/u] [size=150][color=#FF0000]most[/color][/size] [font=French Script MT]people[/font].
And it outputs this:

This will annoy most people.

Common keyboard short cuts such as control+b for bold do not work.
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