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Suggestions to get started buying stocks

Money, In-laws, and other things that drive you crazy.
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King bed
King bed
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Re: Suggestions to get started buying stocks

Post by LovingHimAlways »

Link+Zelda wrote: Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:14 pm
And to re-iterate, as it's getting away from the OP, someone should probably start a new thread on this soon if we want to continue this line of discussion...
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this thread and any others that may follow. A lot of important information here.
Although, I can't contribute anything as much of it is over my head. :lol:

I will be sharing it with my husband to get his thoughts as well
California King
California King
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Re: Suggestions to get started buying stocks

Post by David »

I agree that we've slightly got off the original topic of picking stocks, however there are some important points in the digression.
These include:
Stock market returns aren't guaranteed, you are taking a risk with your money so don't bank on high returns.
It is wise to consider the tax implications of financial decisions - some forms of investing are tax exempt in some countries, for example.
If you have debts, it is prudent to consider how you will pay those debts off. If interest rates are high (as they often are on credit cards or unsecured loans), then the saving from paying those off will likely outweigh the lost growth from not investing. In the case of mortgages, it's more complicated.
Don't invest in a product you don't understand - lots of financial scandals are the result of people not properly understanding the financial products they were buying.
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